Computer sales, service and networking. Website development.

As well we have a strategic partnership with Cisco, Fortinet and Lenovo to be able to deliver enterprise business solutions to our customers.

We do OnSITE troubleshooting, repairs of your computers and network appliances as well as ongoing service. Routine backup and maintenance.

Also offer remote technical services and network monitoring over secure SSL VPN, IPSEC or OpenVPN.

Got a line up of great products for your digital sales and marketing campaigns. Over 180 options to suit  your business needs. From website building to SEO and everything in-between.

From a centralized and automated dashboard take control of your online business reputation, generate leads and track conversions. Make it to the top of the pack on Google and Bing search engines!

We are here to help any way that we can. We do our best to bring skills and leverage knowledge to benefit customers keeping their computers and businesses running smoothly.

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